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but Nihan refuses as she dislikes Emir’s arrogance and protectiveness of her. The first meeting between Nihan and Kemal occurs on the bus, and a month later, Kemal saves Nihan’s life and from then on their friendship starts and slowly turns in to love.

Emir is aware of Nihan’s love, so he executes a plan that results in Ozan killing a girl. Nihan is then left helpless to marry Emir to save Ozan from going to jail. The next day, Kemal proposes to Nihan but she refuses and leaves in tears. Kemal was deeply hurt by Nihan’s refusal and struggles to move on, so to start afresh, he moves to Zonguldak.

Four years later, there was an accident in the mine where he worked. Kemal saved the life of his manager Hakki, who promoted him to be his assistant.

One year later, Kemal comes back to Istanbul to secure a business deal with Emir’s company. Kemal’s dislike of Emir’s arrogance and dislike of Kemal’s self-righteousness leaves them both wary of each other. Nihan struggles to control her feelings for Kemal with his return and is constantly in tears. During this time Asu Alachan (Melisa Aslı Pamuk) Kemal’s business partner moves to Istanbul because of her love for Kemal.

Asu Alachan raised with her uncle Hakki Amja without parents or siblings .

Emir grows suspicious of Nihan’s and Kemal’s relationship while Asu has already worked out Nihan was the girl that broke Kemal’s heart. Emir uses Tariq’s jealousy towards Kemal’s success to turn him further away from Kemal. Ozan is in love with Zeynep. When Zeynep and Ozan’s family find out about their relationship they are stopped from seeing each other, Ozan struggles to forget Zeynep and follows her constantly. During this time it’s also revealed that Kemal’s best friend Salih is in love with Zeynep, Zeynep reveals she doesn’t feel the same way about Salih.

Kemal soon realizes Nihan is unhappy in her marriage and is being forced to maintain it. Kemal tries to work out the reason behind Nihan’s marriage to Emir and in the process, Nihan and Kemal both unknowingly start to rekindle their old romance. Kemal is close to discovering the truth, but Nihan is fearful Ozan may go jail if Kemal finds out, so she asks him to stop the romance. Kemal is hurt that Nihan is unable to trust him, so he distances himself once again from her.

After breaking Salih and Ozan’s heart Zeynep finds herself in the arms of Emir Kozcuoglu. Soon enough Zeynep and Emir sleep together in a hotel Emir then throws her out the room and reveals this was all a ploy to hurt Kemal. Zeynep is left traumatised at first but then plans her revenge against Emir. She fools Ozan into believing that she loves him and becomes the daughter in law of Emir’s household, leaving both Kemal and Nihan’s families shocked.

Kemal finally discovers the truth behind Nihans compulsion to stay married to Emir. Kemal however grows suspicious of the situation and along with Nihan tries to work out whether Ozan really killed a girl or if it was all set up by Emir. Throughout this time is Emir is being blackmailed by an unknown person who has video evidence of Ozan murdering that girl, Kemal also discovers and informs Emir that he has a sibling, a brother.

Nihan and Kemal decide to run away together and Ozan is persuaded to turn himself in to the police for his crime. Zeynep who is still in love with Emir reveals Nihan and Kemal’s location to Emir. Emir arrives and threatens Nihan if she does not leave immediately him he will tell his shooter who has his gun aimed at Kemal to kill Kemal. When Kemal returns Nihan tells him it’s over between them and leaves with Emir. Kemal returns to his life in Istanbul and decides to marry Asu.

After a series of events it’s revealed that Emir’s sibling is Asu and the blackmailer his assistant Tufan. Emir’s mother Mojgan ran away from their house when she was pregnant with asu , then she kept Asu with Hakki and came back to take Emir but her husband Ghalip ( Emir’s Father) thought she cheated him so he threw her from a high window then she became in coma . Hakki Alachan raised Asu to take her mother’s revenge from Ghalip and teach her to take her revenge also from his brother Emir .

Asu fears Emir will kill her after finding out the truth. Emir secretly witnesses Kemals proposal to Asu decides to team up with Asu to separate Kemal and Nihan forever rather than killing her.

Emir and asu discovered that Hakki Alachan was playing with their futures so they decided to be friends not enemies.

At Kemal and Asus engagement Nihan faints after the rings are exchanged. Ozan who is currently out on bail gets caught by the police in a failed attempt to escape with Zeynep, Ozan gets arrested and put in jail. While in jail Ozan he is anonymously sent intimate pictures of Zeynep and Emir after threatening Zeynep he is sent to hospital having suffered food poisoning. In hospital the scene ends with Ozan being surprised as someone walks in to his hospital room. In the next scene we see Ozan having hanged himself in his room. His father Onder unable to cope with Ozans death has a heart attack and dies shortly after Ozan. Nihan at this time is with the doctor and find out she is pregnant with Kemals child. Kemal at this time finds out about Zeynep and Emirs affiar, he walks over to Emirs house and Emir pulls a gun out on Kemal. They both get into a fight and the gun goes off, Emir is shot in the leg. Kemal instantly calls the police admitting to shooting Emir and walks out of Emirs house. While stood outside Emirs house Kemals sees Nihan walking towards him. Nihan is lost in thought about how she’s going to tell Kemal she’s pregnant when she gets a call telling her Ozan committed suicide. Kemal angry at Nihan for not telling him about Emir and Zeynep taunts Nihan. Nihan falls to the floor and begins screaming, she runs to Kemal and accuses him of killing her brother, Kemal is left shocked and Zeynep witnessing this from behind starts crying and screaming. Zeynep tries to run away but in the process loses her baby and returns to her maternal home.

The season ends with Emir in hospital fighting for his life, Kemal going to jail for attempted murder of Emir and Nihan leaving Istanbul to raise her child away from everyone.

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